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Individual Therapy

Assigned a master’s level therapist for the duration of treatment Weekly sessions Focused therapeutic support for more challenging issues involving trauma, childhood events, shame/guilt, self-esteem/negative self-perceptions

Group Therapy

Humans are capable of healing one another by receiving directed support from peers. This is why much of the therapy at our program is provided in a group setting. This is the indicated modality for most mental health-issues. Licensed, masters–level  therapists facilitate and direct all  group therapy where real-life issues can be addressed in a safe and healing environment.


Having information and knowing how to apply it to daily life is essential to maintaining recovery. Coping skills, effective communication, brain functionality, and many other topics are presented each day by our qualified staff in education lectures. Our clients are given the opportunity to learn and discuss a variety of topics that can be applied to create lasting change.

Medication Management/Psychiatric Services

A key component to recovery from mental health disorders is the consistent application of the correct medication. All clients are evaluated by our psychiatric practitioners who can prescribe appropriate medications and make adjustments throughout the course of treatment. Some medications can be administered in a long-acting injectable formulation that only requires one dose per month, reducing problems associated with taking daily medications inconsistently.

Family Sessions & Family Support Group

Clients whose families are engaged in the treatment process tend to have better outcomes. This is why facilitating sessions with parents, spouses, or other loved-ones is an important component of our treatment program. These sessions are facilitated by the client’s assigned therapist who will work with them throughout treatment. Additionally, we are pleased to offer a family support group to family members and other concerned-persons. This group is facilitated by director-level staff and is free of charge so any loved-one has a place to come ask questions, get support, and interact with peers who are experiencing a similar situation.

Brainspotting & EMDR

Brainspotting and EMDR are two specialized modalities that focus on reducing the symptomology around trauma, anxiety, and substance use. Utilizing these techniques requires additional training beyond the masters-level training and state licensing.

Genetic Testing

In the past, trial and error has been the only available approach to trying new medications. With advances in genetic testing, a cheek swab or saliva collection can be analyzed to determine whether specific medications will not be effective. This type of testing is ancillary to our standard services so clients who are interested should speak with one of our staff for more information.

Neuropsychological Testing/Psychological Assessment

Though we routinely utilize a variety of assessment instruments in our program, there are some dysfunctions that can elude identification in the normal course of psychotherapy. Cognitive impairments, language processing deficiencies, memory or attention difficulties, and personality disorders can be impediments to recovery but these conditions require specialized testing that only a psychologist can administer and interpret. We work with excellent consulting psychologists who can provide this testing and support the treatment team with the information needed to tailor individualized interventions. This type of testing is ancillary to our standard services and is often not covered by insurance.

Healthcare Professional Evaluations

Healthcare professionals are just as susceptible to mental health disorders as anyone else. But these disorders can be disruptive to caring for their patients. We are approved by the Alabama Board of Nursing to complete healthcare professional evaluations and make recommendations for treatment if necessary. Since our evaluation process can be completed in an outpatient setting, these professionals can live at home and maintain daily responsibilities throughout the evaluation process.

Other healthcare boards (physician/dentistry/pharmacy) may accept our evaluations, so other healthcare providers should contact us to discuss individual needs.

Aftercare Support

Recovery is often compared to a marathon rather than a sprint because human behavior has a tendency to drift back to old patterns. While we have structured our higher levels of care to be spread out over about 4-5 months, maintaining healthy patterns of recovery often requires support over a longer period. This is why we offer an ongoing group that meets once a week for an hour. This group is facilitated by a licensed therapist and clients can attend this group for as long as they find it helpful.