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Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover Rehab?

Blue Cross Blue Shield is a health insurance plan that covers medical expenses. The benefits include rehab, coverage for outpatient prescription drugs, inpatient hospital stays, and treatment related to chronic conditions.

Note, Blue Cross Blue Shield does cover rehab, but only if you qualify. The amount of coverage depends on your income and your policy. Fortunately, Birmingham Recovery Center is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. To find out exactly what your insurance covers, call us at 205-813-7400 or fill out our insurance verification form.

Also, Blue Cross Blue Shield services are only available in certain states. The state where you live determines which plan you need to buy for your needs. For example, if you’re a resident of New York State and have an injury or illness that requires medical treatment, then you’ll likely need a health insurance plan from Blue Cross Blue Shield that covers that.

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How to Check Your Blue Cross Blue Shield Coverage

When you buy health insurance, your Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage will begin the day after your policy is approved. That means that if you need to file a claim before your policy is active, it’s going to be too late.

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers online tools including a substance use resource center that allow you to check and adjust the status of your policy at any time. This includes making changes on the “My Plan” section, which allows you to see how much coverage you have, what procedures are covered under your plan, and whether or not there are any out-of-network deductibles or copays. You can also make changes on the “User Tools” page by logging in with your username and password from MyBCBS .

What Is an Out-of-Network Deductible?

Out-of-network deductibles refer to charges for services rendered by doctors and hospitals outside of the network of providers offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield. The deductible refers to what percentage of total medical expenses must be paid before any Blue Cross Blue Shield benefits kick in.

If you live in a state that has an out-of-network deductible, then the amount you will have to pay before your insurance kicks in is typically $50 per doctor visit or $100 per hospital admission.

If you have a high deductible plan and need therapy, then it’s important to find out how much of this type of treatment is covered under your health insurance policy.

If there are co-pays or copayments associated with therapy, then those are included too. For example, if you’re getting therapy for physical rehabilitation at a clinic that charges $50 per session and Blue Cross Blue Shield covers 50% of the cost, then the total cost would be $25 (50% x $50).

You’ll only be charged once all other expenses have been paid or paid through other sources such as Medicare Part B supplements or worker’s compensation. This means that if you’ve exhausted all other resources and still owe money, then Blue Cross Blue Shield will not cover the remainder of your therapy costs.

If you think that there could be a discrepancy between what Blue Cross Blue Shield covers and what is actually charged by your rehab facility, therapist or clinic, then it’s always good to know how much you’re going to have to pay before getting treatment.

Why Is It Important for Me To Know How Much Addiction Rehab Costs?

The amount that you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket depends on several factors:

  • The rehab facility
  • The type of services (e.g., detox, etc.) or therapy that you need (rehabilitation vs. other types of care)
  • Your insurance plan (high deductible vs. standard coverage)
  • Your regional provider network
  • The cost of any co-pays or copayments associated with your treatment

A high deductible plan means that there are higher out-of-pocket costs for medical services because the policy does not cover all procedures and treatments until the total bill reaches a certain level.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Coverage

If you live in a state with an out-of-network deductible, then it’s important to verify your Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage for therapy.

You can do this by contacting the provider that is offering the treatment and asking how much of their charges are covered under your policy. You might also want to check if there is a copayment involved with your care. These questions may be answered on the “My Plan” portion of your Blue Cross Blue Shield website.

It’s also good to know exactly what types of services are included under your plan before scheduling any therapy sessions. You’ll need to make sure that you’re not being charged for anything that isn’t covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield before getting started with physical therapy or other forms of rehabilitation.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Alabama

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