Intensive Outpatient Program

At Longleaf Recovery & Wellness, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) exists to provide a comprehensive set of services in a less structured environment. IOP can be ideal for clients who have more complex symptoms or dual diagnosis but don’t need residential treatment. Alternatively, IOP can be a step-down level of care for clients who have completed inpatient treatment.

What is an IOP Program?

The IOP at Longleaf Recovery & Wellness serves adults who have been struggling with addictions to alcohol or other drugs. We also accept dual diagnosis clients who are experiencing a co-ocurring mental illness like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder.. Clients in our IOP receive three hours of care during each treatment day. Depending on each client’s needs and goals, they typically participate in treatment three to five days per week. To ensure maximum flexibility, we offer both morning and evening sessions at our IOP. Our IOP balances quality clinical care with ample opportunities for independent living, allowing clients to practice their relapse prevention and symptom management strategies.

What to Expect at an IOP

Residential treatment separates individuals from the common struggles, stressors, and triggers of everyday life. However, our IOP program provides important services and support in an environment where individuals continue to experience many of life’s challenges. IOP can bridge the gap between everyday life and treatment through a variety of modalities that include:

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions are facilitated by licensed clinicians and are the primary modality of IOP treatment. Receiving therapy in a group setting provides a variety of benefits including:

  • Enhancing interpersonal skills and creating new ways to socialize
  • Providing a safe space for individuals to process feelings, provide support, and give and retain honest feedback
  • Giving group members a sense of safety and value by connecting them to other clients who share similar experiences
  • Developing and practicing more positive behaviors and coping skills to manage triggers, cravings, and the stressors of living a life free of substances
Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, clients will have the opportunity to continue addressing root cause issues, limiting belief systems, and underlying behaviors that may have been contributing to addiction. In addition, clients learn new coping skills and process feelings that arose when putting them to use. Typically, individual therapy sessions in IOP happen on a weekly basis and last for the duration of one hour.

Medication Management

When combined with therapy and counseling, medication management can be effective in addressing cravings and post-acute withdrawal symptoms as well as help stabilize mental health and issues. Our medical staff can address common psychiatric disorders and prescribe medication to ensure that all aspects of our clients’ physical and mental health are being improved.


At Longleaf Recovery & Wellness, we encourage all IOP clients to participate in peer-led support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (or other 12-step groups), SMART Recovery, or Recovery Dharma. Support groups are an important adjunct to treatment that allows clients to practice new behaviors, develop supportive relationships, and build a network of peers in recovery.

How Long are IOP Programs?

Duration in the IOP level of care can vary considerably from client to client due to a variety of factors including the amount and timing of last substance use, complicating physical issues such as chronic pain, any mental health or emotional problems, the client’s readiness for change, their ongoing risk for relapse, and the supportiveness of the client’s living environment. Commonly, individuals will receive treatment at the IOP level of care for approximately 8-12 weeks.

Begin IOP Today

At Longleaf Recovery & Wellness, we understand that recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Our multidisciplinary team understands the challenges of recovering from addiction and together our staff works with clients to develop a schedule that fits their individual needs. This is why we offer convenient morning and evening options for IOP services. Get started with treatment today by request more information about Longleaf Recovery & Wellness.

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