Colin Harris


Colin Harris, a dedicated advocate for quality addiction treatment, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Longleaf Recovery and Wellness. With a deeply personal connection to the challenges faced by individuals and families grappling with addiction, Colin's journey in recovery has fueled his commitment to making a meaningful impact in the field. Recognizing the limited options for substance use treatment in Alabama early in his own recovery journey, Colin became acutely aware of the need for accessible and effective programs. Throughout his twenties, he engaged with various addiction programs across the southeast, encountering both exemplary care and subpar treatment. It is from this firsthand experience that Colin channels a profound passion for quality treatment into his role, overseeing the daily operations of Longleaf Recovery & Wellness. As a native Alabamian, Colin is unwavering in his dedication to developing programs tailored to the unique needs of those in the state who, like him, have struggled with addiction. His vision extends beyond personal triumph to the broader mission of enhancing addiction treatment options and outcomes for individuals and families in Alabama and beyond.