Cocaine Addiction Treatment

An addiction to cocaine is a serious disorder of the brain and cannot be overcome by willpower or by waiting until the craving to use subsides. In fact, delaying treatment can have serious negative consequences for an individual’s physical and mental health and can also result in a fatal overdose. If you or someone you love needs help to stop using cocaine, contact us to discuss how treatment is an effective path to recovery and a better life

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug classified as a Schedule II drug. This classification covers drugs that hold a high potential for misuse by the user. Other Schedule II drugs include methamphetamines, oxycodone, hydromorphone, Adderall, and fentanyl. Cocaine can be ingested in different manners. It is commonly snorted through the nose but can also be injected or smoked.

Even casual cocaine usage can be dangerous or deadly. Because the drug is purchased or received through illegal avenues, there is no control over what is in a particular batch. Fentanyl, a powerful opioid, is often mixed into cocaine to increase its potency. Up to 50% of all overdose deaths are attributable to cocaine that has been adulterated with fentanyl.

Benefits of Cocaine Treatment

Attending formal cocaine addiction treatment offers benefits some people may not expect such as:

  • A much greater success rate
  • A safety net that anyone going off drugs needs in place
  • Monitoring for withdrawal symptoms and immediate medical and psychological support to help ease their suffering
  • Several options for therapies to use to help them become sober including individual therapy to the peer support of groups
  • Aftercare that includes getting a person set up with continuing treatment after formal care ends like support groups and individual therapy
  • A plan in place should they relapse so that they get back on track right away

Risk Factors for Cocaine Addiction

While cocaine addiction does not have just one cause, there are some common risk factors that can contribute to it such as:

  • Genetics; when a family member has a history of a substance use disorder, there is a greater chance other relatives will develop it
  • The inability of a person’s brain to produce feel-good chemicals such as dopamine
  • Withdrawal symptoms that drive people back to using cocaine to feel better
  • A stressful personal life, trauma, or depressing circumstances
  • Negative influence of being present during cocaine use of others

How is Cocaine Addiction Treated?

Although cocaine does not require a medical detox, experiencing withdrawal from cocaine use is still difficult and unpleasant. Since all of our treatment is based on the client’s individual needs, we can begin the process with a complimentary consultation with the client and their family or start with a brief assessment that can be completed over the telephone. This is where we start the process because we want to ensure individuals receive the proper care even if that means recommending treatment outside of our program. If this is our recommendation, we are happy to facilitate admission to the outside treatment and then have you back to our program to continue your care.

When a client begins treatment at Longleaf, they are first assessed by a masters-level clinician and by our medical staff. These assessments allow us to create an individualized treatment plan and make recommendations for a level of care. For clients needing the most structure and support, they begin in our full-day or partial-hospitalization level of care. They will attend services Monday-Friday, including group therapy, individual therapy, and follow-up appointments with our medical staff. Depending upon individual needs, we also have options for half-days and evening treatment.

Begin Cocaine Addiction Treatment Today

Living life while addicted to cocaine can feel completely enslaved to a substance. At Longleaf Recovery & Wellness, we understand the difficulty of stopping cocaine use and we provide the treatment and support to achieve your recovery objectives. We offer a variety of levels of care so our clients can receive vital outpatient services while living at home and maintaining daily responsibilities. Get started with treatment today by request more information about Longleaf Recovery & Wellness.

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