Kira Ryan, ALC


Kira is a compassionate mental health therapist dedicated to helping individuals navigate their journey towards wellness. With a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of West Alabama, Kira brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Believing in a holistic approach to therapy, she integrates mindfulness, philosophy techniques, and laughter into her sessions. She understands that true healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, and works tirelessly to empower her clients to achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives. She believes in the power of laughter as a therapeutic tool, using humor to break down barriers and foster connection. Outside of her professional practice, she is an avid video gamer, painter and enjoys spending quality time with her son. With her warmth, empathy, and commitment to holistic healing, Kira is dedicated to empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest and embrace their journey towards mental wellness and recovery.